Where to Eat in Reno,NV

If you’re anything like me, finding new places to eat while traveling through a new town or city is one of the most exciting parts of a vacation. Why settle for “the usual” when there’s an opportunity to find the most delicious sandwich, slice of pizza, or chai tea you’ve ever had?! Lucky for you, I’ve tracked down some of the best, and I’m going to share where to find them…

This time I’m going to take you to Reno, Nevada. My husband and I lived there for 6 years right out of High School, so we had plenty of time to build our list of favorite local (and not so local) places to find some grub.

Here are a few of the BEST places to eat in Reno,NV:

  1. Josef’s Vienna Bakery & Cafe We discovered this hidden gem when I was 6 months pregnant and struck with a sudden craving for some baked goods. This was the only bakery I could find that was open that Sunday, and I am so thankful for that! Not only are they a bakery, but they have some of the best crepes I have ever had! P.S…. don’t you dare leave without buying a macaron. TRUST ME….

2. Michael’s Deli This was another pregnancy craving of mine. When I say craving, I mean we ate here at least three times a week the last two months of my pregnancy so I could get the same thing (TAB- turkey, avocado, and bacon sandwich on a croissant/ with a side of the best macaroni salad this world was ever blessed with). I suggest requesting your sandwich on a croissant, because who wouldn’t want that?

3. Pirate’s Pizza – If you like thick, fluffy crust on your pizza and unique topping choices like seafood or beef gyro, this is the place for you! If you aren’t in the mood for pizza, they also have a variety of Italian and greek entrees for you to choose from. My personal favorite is the greek pizza (Beef gyro, greek olives, feta, red onions, tomatoes, and dolmade), and my husband loves the Japanese pizza ( Teriyaki chicken, pineapple, red onions, peppers, and tomatoes).

4. Human Bean – I know this isn’t a local coffee house, but I spent three years trying new coffee places on my way to work every morning, and I always ended up craving my regular orders from my favorite little coffee hut! I don’t drink coffee so I can’t give recommendations on that, but my husband is a coffee addict and he also loves the human bean! My top three favorite drinks of the menu are: Green tea smoothie, Frozen hot chocolate, and the Mango smoothie.

5. Dutch Bros – Yes, another coffee chain… but as someone who grew up in a small town and once again is living in another small town, Dutch Bros is one of those places my husband and I get so excited about when we venture into the city. I’ve never had a drink I didn’t like from Dutch Bros, and never had a bad experience because they have the sweetest people in the county working for them. My #1 drink reccomendation has to be their Iced Passionfruit Green Tea. I promise you, its the most refreshing beverage you will ever have. When I’m in the mood for a cozy drink, my second choice would definitely be their Pumpkin Pie Chai Tea (Hot or Iced). If you know what kind of drink sounds good, but aren’t sure about what flavor combos you want, just ask the person helping you and they will give you plenty of new ideas for drinks you probably never knew existed!

Other restaurant recommendations include:

6. Little Philadelphia CheeseSteaks – Best in town!

7. Haven On Earth Bread & Bakery – Entirely gluten free bakery with the Best cinnamon rolls!

8. Chihuahua’s Cantina & Grill – friendly atmosphere, authentic food, and my favorite chips and salsa (another one of my pregnancy cravings).

9. Aldertos – I’ve probably eaten here more than any other place in Reno. It’s definitely not the fanciest place in town, but getting authentic Mexican food out of a drive through window for the same price (maybe even cheaper) than Taco Bell is always my choice when needing a quick meal.

10. Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop – This was my favorite sandwich shop for the longest time. They use fresh, slow roasted meats in place of your usual lunch meat and you can taste the difference! Make sure you try their best seller “The Bobbie”( homemade turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and mayo) YUM!

It was SO HARD to choose just 10 of my favorite places to eat in Reno, so one day I might just do another food tour for you. Have any recommendations for my next trip to the biggest little city? Let me know in the comments box!


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